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Boxing classes- A Closer Look

Do you want to lose weight? Gain more muscle mass? Or just simply improve your overall health condition? If you’ve tried everything from jogging to weight training to yoga and found yourself losing interest after a month or two, you can count yourself as one of the thousands of others out there who has been through exactly the same thing. Although there is one particular form of exercise that mixes both sport and fitness together to create a super effective and wholly enjoyable form of exercise which was designed specifically for gaining excellent results in a short period of time.Boxing classes ┬áhas some nice tips on this.

Fitness boxing was stumbled upon by accident when a professional boxing trainer realized that the versatile range of exercise techniques that he was using to train boxers could be adapted for the average non-athletic person to substantially improve their health or lose weight over a short period of time. What makes boxing training so unique and effective as a form of workout is its use of many forms of exercise done in quick intense succession, with only short 40 second breaks taken in between. You can expect a regular fitness boxing session to include activities such as jump rope, running, push-ups, cycling, shadow boxing, heavy bag training and speed-ball work.

These days fitness boxing has exploded into a popular form of exercise, with people from all backgrounds signing up for regular classes. The reason for this might lie in the shortness of each fitness boxing session, which on average lasts from just 45 minutes to 1 hour; providing the perfect workout regime for busy office workers. Also, unlike regular forms of fitness, boxing training involves quickly jumping between several different types of exercise and learning various boxing techniques, which keeps the person interested and hungry for more.

If you’re considering signing up to your local gym for a boxing class but are not sure, here are various activities included in a usual fitness boxing training session to give you a better idea.

– Jump rope training – This is one of the oldest forms of boxing training, but despite its simplicity exercising using a jump rope helps to improve speed and agility whilst giving your heart a good workout at the same time. There are several techniques that make use of this piece of equipment; two of these are ‘Running in place’ while the rope goes over your head and under your feet, ‘double unders’ which involves placing your feet together and jumping in this way.

– Shadow boxing – This is usually used as a warm up exercise to get a fighter’s muscles working. The idea is simple, imagine an opponent throwing punches at you and use a number of basic blocking and offensive moves in response.

– Bag training – This is another very effective form of fitness boxing training that works out your whole body, as it combining both strength and aerobic actions. It is first recommended that you learn some basic stances, movements and punch combinations from a trainer in order to get the most out of your session and avoid any injuries.

– Aerobic exercises – This form of exercise makes up a large part of a professional and amateur boxers training regime, as it helps to quickly build up muscle mass and strengthen all areas of the body a well as enhancing stamina. The major forms of aerobic exercise include press ups, sit-ups, star jumps and jogging; although there is a long list of many other exercises that can work on specific areas of the body.