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3 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

When it comes to first time home buyers looking at houses in Northampton, MA, you’ll probably find you’re a bundle of nerves. Purchasing a home is a major investment, and for most of us it will require a commitment that will take up the majority of our adult life. It is a huge decision and there are many details that you will have to take into consideration; not only will you need to find the right house, you’ll also need to find the right financing, deal, and community to settle in. It’s a tall order so here are a few tips that may make the shopping experience a little less stressful:

How Many Homes Will You Need to See
Most people realize that they will not begin their search and find the perfect home the first time out of the gate; they will quickly get discouraged after they’ve been looking for a while and are unable to find anything. Talk to other house hunters before you begin to find out their track record. If you have had friends that have recently purchased a home find out how many homes they looked at before the found the right one. Also, check to see how many offers they made before they were accepted. Comparing your rates to others with similar circumstances will tell you if you’re shopping in the right market for your needs.

Check the Competition
Depending on where you live, you may find that you’ll run up against a very competitive market. This can be very discouraging if you’ve not prepared for this ahead of time. Before you look at your first home, talk to your agent to find out the average number of offers for each house they show. This does not mean that you will have the same experience when you’re ready to make an offer, but understanding the realistic numbers helps you to mentally prepare for some let-downs along the road to finding your new home read this post here.

Do Your Basic Research
It is very important that you understand the neighborhood that you will be looking in. Some basic groundwork before you begin your search should give you some insight into what to expect in your house hunting endeavors. Finding out the average sale price for your type of home, the number of days a home stays on the market, and the average list price will help you get started. This information will help you to have realistic expectations about your search and make you a smarter house hunter.